Boater's Education Course

We hold an annual Boater's Education Course every Spring at the Clubhouse. Please check the calendar and newsletter for upcoming dates & info.

Boating Safety

There is always a high volume of boat traffic in our Lake during the summer.  Here is a good safety tip for tubers/watersports and water skiers: After falling down, a skier should hold their ski up high until they are retrieved by the boat.  This is more or less common sense, but what should a tuber/watersports do when they have no ski?  The best way for tubers/watersports to be seen in the water after they fall off is to hold their arms high above their head in an arc until the boat is able to pick them up.  This allows for better visibility of the tuber/watersport or skier for all other drivers on the lake.

Ohio Required Boating Equipment

No Wake Reminder

The lake is NO WAKE at dusk.  Do not wait to hear a siren!

Orange Buoys

Please note the orange boys marked with an  “80”? They designate the distance your watercraft must be from shore in operated at wake. Please obey the rules of the lake. Play safe!

Identification of Your Boats & Trailers 

Please check your boats and trailers to make sure your correct lot number is on these items. It has been very difficult locating the property owner of boats and trailers when needed. We are finding that the lot number of previous owners are still on items, we are finding more than one lot number on an item, we are finding no lot numbers on items.

Boat Stickers

The Annual Boat Sticker Fee for a motorized watercraft is $50. There is no sticker charge for non-powered watercraft. Boat sticker revenues will continue to finance the Lake Management Fund for maintaining the lake. If you have association dock space, you are required to pay one boat sticker fee per dock even if you do not own a boat. A copy of the title (in the property owner’s name) for each watercraft that you are requesting a sticker must be provided. We will not accept a Bill of Sale for any watercraft after the first year of purchase. If a watercraft is leased, we require a copy of a lease agreement from an authorized leasing dealership. We do not require information for boat trailers or insurance information for watercraft and trailers; however, it is now required that lot numbers be displayed on all trailers.

Boat & Jet Ski Title Info

All boats over 14’ and all jet skis must be titled in the property owner’s name. If you do not have a title, you will need to obtain one from the title bureau. The following information needs to be taken with you in order for them to issue a title: length, make of motor, motor ID number, horsepower, year and HIN number. 

Boat Storage & Temporary Trailer Storage

Please see the newsletter or contact the office for current info on temporary boat and trailer storage.