Welcome to Lake Mohawk, OH

Established in 1963 by the American Realty Service Corporation, Lake Mohawk is a 507 acre, man-made, spring-fed lake.  It is a private gated community comprised of 1,728 acres of property.

Several clubs exist within the community including the Ski Club, Fish Club, Sportsman Club, Civic Club, Golf ClubActivities Committee, Art Club and many more.  There are 3 beaches, tennis courts and many activities available for all property owners to enjoy. All this is what makes Lake Mohawk "Ohio's best kept secret".

Lake Mohawk Ohio

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  • Community Information Channel: TWC Channel 1851 if using a cable box or Channel 126.851 if not using a cable box. If you are not using a cable box, you will need to go to the menu settings for your TV and run the auto-channel function. This will allow your TV to find the channel and add it to the settings. 
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