Docking Waiting List

Waiting List Procedures

  • To be placed on a waiting list, please contact the office.
  • For each lot paying full dues, you may be on no more than three docking area lists at one time.
  • Only "non-waterfront" property owners are eligible for public docking.
  • When a dock is obtained, a boat sticker must be purchased even if you do not own a boat at the time. No property owner may hold a dock without registering a watercraft for more than three years. 
  • No more than one watercraft is permitted per assigned docking slip without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  • As docks become available in each of the docking areas, they will be offered to the property owner at the top of the list. If a dock is not compatible to the boat configuration, the property owner may remain at the top of the list for a second assignment. If the property owner should refuse the second offering, their name will then be moved to the bottom of the list.
  • There is a one time only dock Initiation fee of $250.00 for first time dock renters plus the $125.00 annual dock fee. For all property owners who rent an association dock, the docking fee is billed on December 1 and is payable by January 1. If the docking payment is not received by January 1, Dock fees not paid may have resulted in the loss of a dock.  Please contact the office immediatly. Also, please remember that all dues payments must be received by April 1 for the property owner to keep their dock and you must pay a boat sticker fee for each dock. Thank you in advance for your timely payments. 
  • For anyone leasing association docks, please remember you cannot have a boat over 8 feet wide. The docks will not accommodate a boat any larger.
  • If you would like a boat lift, you will need to contact the office and apply for a permit. Not all dock areas are suitable for lifts. The permit costs $75.00. You must have LMPOA approval and the permit before the installation of your lift is permitted!

In order to provide property owners with the most recent and accurate information, a downloadable PDF documents are available on this page. Be sure to check back regularly for the most recent list.

Anyone renting a association dock must remove their boats from the docking areas during the Winter months.  Lowering of the lake usually begins Mid October.  Watch the lake level and remove boats accordingly. The Lake Management & Restoration Committee is recommending all Association dock users remove boat lifts during Winter months. This will prevent any ice damage and will allow the Association to let the lake rise sooner to guarantee Summer pool.