Gate Transmitters

Automated gates are available at Lace and Keno road entrances.  property owners wishing to use these access gates will be required to pay an annual transmitter rental/and or initial deposit. Deposits are refundable for working transmitters only.  Property owners are to abide by the following policy and procedures:

  • The number or registered vehicles per family will determine the number of transmitters to be issued
  • Only stickered vehicles may pass through the gates
  • Posted "Private Property" or any unauthorized or unstickered vehicle entering through these gates will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Only 1 vehicle may pass through the gate at a time.  No boats or trailers may be pulled behind a vehicle.  Do not attempt to piggy back or follow another vehicle through a gate.  Damage will occur when the gate closes.
  • Transmitters shall not be transferred to other lake residents or non-residents
  • Misuse of a transmitter will result in the loss of transmitter privileges  and a maximum fine up to $200 will be levied by the board or review.
  • Vehicles coming into the lake through the gate have the right of way over out going vehicles.
  • Property owners (leasee) are responsible to maintain transmitters in working order.  Defective transmitters are to be returned to the lake office.
  • Transmitters will remain the property of LMPOA and will be returned upon request.
  • I (We) understand that a deposit and annual rental for the use of the transmitter(s) will be paid for on the annual renewal date of Oct 1 each year.  All renewals must be paid by Oct 31st each year or the transmitter will be forfeited.

Annual Renewal: Renewal of gate transmitters begin October 1 of each year and continue until the end of the month. Please come into the office to pay the fee and have your code changed.  Office hours are M-F 8am-5pm.  The cost of renewal is $25 for each transmitter.  During the month of October the gates will operate on both the old and new code. After Oct. 31, only the new code will open the gates. Please see the newsletter for any additional info or updates.

New Transmitters: You may come in to the office any time during regular hours to get a new transmitter. First time cost is $50 ($25 Deposit for transmitter, $25 for annual use)

Note: Do not program the code into your vehicle's remote control garage door opener! Built-in remote controls cause the gates to malfunction according to the company who maintains them. The only remote you should be using to enter and exit the gates is the one you rent through the Lake Mohawk office.