Service Provider Contacts

Electric: Carroll Electric Co-Op
Carrollton OH 44615
330.627.2116 or 1-800.232.7697

Water: Aqua Ohio
6650 South Avenue
Boardman, OH 44512

Refuse: Burwell's Service
PO BOX 205
Malvern, OH 44644

Recycling: Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District (EnviroPros)

The seven Lake Mohawk containers are being emptied every Thursday.  In addition to the new containers, all your recyclables can now be mixed together in the same container.  This means that you can mix your paper products with your cans and bottles, for example.  You won't need to separate your recyclables anymore. All the new containers are labeled showing the materials that can be recycled; the new labels include pictures of the acceptable materials to make it easier to understand what can go in the bin. The District would also like to remind residents to break down (flatten) boxes before recycling them in the container. 

Sewer: Carroll County Environmental Services (CCES)
620 W Canal St.
PO BOX 954
Malvern, OH 44644

Gas: Village Energy
5900 Mayfair RD NW
North Canton, OH 44799-6101

Cable: Time Warner Cable
5520 Whipple Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720
1-800-821-7250 or 330.494.8087



School System: Brown Local School District
High School 330.863.1355
Elementary 330.863.0355
Superintendent 330.863.0330

Call before you Dig - It's the law!


Snow Removal Complaint Contacts for Citrus Road, June Road Keno Road and Lace Road

June Road and Lace Road are the responsibility of Brown Township.
1. Call the Brown Township Office 330-863-1540
2. Call Township Trustees:

  • Joe Chuirco 330-863-6060
  • Ed Clark 330-863-0536
  • Rod Wise 330-417-1105

Keno Road is the responsibility of Harrison Township
1. Call The Harrison Township Office 330-627-8107
2. Call Township Trustees

  • Stanley George 330-627-5421
  • Charles Carter 330-735-2336
  • Joe Seck 330-627-4113

Citris Road (to 171 or Malvern) is the responsibility of The Carroll County Highway Department
1. Call the County Garage 330-627-2345
2. Call the County Commisioners Office 330-627-4869

  • Jeffery Ohler
  • Thomas White
  • Robert Wirkner

Lake Mohawk Maintenance is not responsible for plowing and treating these roadways