Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Current Issues Page Guidelines

Purpose of the Current Issues Page in the Monthly Newsletter

The intent of this page would be to provide a forum where members can discuss issues of interest to the Lake community. The information published on this page does not represent LMPOA positions or policies, but only the opinion of the individual authors.

Process Guidelines:

Issues Topic Selection:
1.     Requests for topic suggestions and requirements such as time deadlines for article submission will be included on the Current Issues page each month.
2.     If no topics are suggested or articles are not received in a timely fashion, there will not be a Current Issues page in the Newsletter for that month.
3.     The Newsletter Committee will review potential Issue topics on a monthly basis and recommend topics for Board approval.

Request for Articles:
1.     Request for articles on a selected topic will be made in the Newsletter one month before the articles will be published.
2.     One topic will be covered at a time in the Newsletter.

Guidelines for Articles
1.     Articles will be due by the 15th of the month.
2.     Any Association member in good standing can contribute an article for the month’s topic.
3.     Submitted articles must be:
•  Appropriate to the selected topic,
•  Objective, factual, civil in tone, not accusing in nature,
•  Not written in a manner which could damage the community,
•  Not related to personal issues or complaints,
•  Less than 500 words in length and submitted in a fashion which can be copied into a word processing format such as Microsoft Word.

Article Selection
1.     The Newsletter Committee will review all articles submitted for the month’s topic to verify that the articles meet the published guidelines.
2.     The Committee reserves the right to deny publication of an article if it appears not to be consistent with the intent and tenor of the Newsletter.
3.     The Committee will not edit articles.  

Article Publication
1.     Articles that meet the selection criteria will be published.
2.     From time to time, information from the Board of Directors or Lake Management may be included in the section, as appropriate, to clarify issues, to respond to authors of articles, to provide the latest update on an issue, to correct incorrect statements in articles, etc.  The Newsletter Committee will assess the need for such information and make a recommendation to the Board.

3.     Authors will be identified, but Lot Numbers will not be revealed.

Reflections Page Guidelines

The Newsletter Committee has started another new page in our Newsletter and we are looking for contributors. This page will be devoted to stories written by our property owners. Do you have a tale to tell about living at Lake Mohawk? Maybe you know some interesting history about the lake and would like to share it. Contributions do not have to be limited to lake related stories. You may want to share a special poem or a story your child wrote. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Contributions will be due by the 15th of the month.
  • Any Association member in good standing can contribute. Contributions should not be related to personal issues or complaints
  • Contributions should be no more than a page long and submitted in a fashion, which can be copied into a word processing format such as Microsoft Word.
  • Submit contributions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.