Sign Policy

A.    The following signs are permitted without restriction:
1.    Signs identifying the name of the property owner(s).
2.    Lot Number Signs – all property owners are required to display the lot number using the standard green sign with reflective numbers. Lot sign must be located along the roadway and position to be easily visible when approaching from either direction. Additionally, all waterfront property owners are required to display the lot number on the end of their dock in a visible location.

3.Signs posted by LMPOA for Association purposes.
B.The following signs may be allowed with restrictions:
1.Signs that reflect home sales, open house, for sale by owner and for lease may be displayed from 6PM Friday until 12PM Monday only. The exception is for three day holiday weekends, which would move the start or end time forward or backward one day corresponding with the federal holiday. Signs posted on a deck or in a window of a home are not to exceed 30”x30” in size.
2.Signs for private party directions may be displayed 24 hours in advance of the party and must be removed within 24 hours after the party. Lot numbers must be included on these signs.
3.A home security sign may be placed by the house or garage.
4.Political signs, not larger than 3ft X 2ft, can be placed on the property not sooner than three weeks prior to the election. No more than one sign per candidate and/or issue is permitted by any property owner. Signs must be removed the day after election day.
5. Auction signs may be displayed
on the day of the auction only.
6. Yard sale and garage sale signs may be placed on the day of the event, and must be removed within 24 hours. Lot numbers must be included on these signs.
7. Decorative landscape signs (i.e. welcome signs) are permitted.
C. The following signs will not be permitted:
1. Construction company signs
2. Personal Business signs
All other signs not listed without the approval of the Board of Directors.